11 May 2008

Untimely Demise of Spotplex

Few days ago, while browsing my blog,
I noticed that one of my installed widgets was missing. GRRR! You can just imagine what my initial reaction was. But wait, can you guess which I am referring about?

It was Spotplex widget for Most Popular Post which suddenly disappeared. It saddened me since I just had it up and running for quite a while. If my memory serves me right, I had it installed only early part of April 2008. Still hopeful, however, I headed over to the site and inspected what happened.

Surprisingly, this is what I untiringly got from the site

Dear Spotplex users,

We regret to inform you that Spotplex is going offline. This was a very hard decision for us and we are sure you will miss the service as much as we do.

If you are interested in our assets or in knowing more on the shutdown of Spotplex, you can reach us at support@spotplex.com

Thanks for your support.

The Spotplex Team


Note: If you have embedded a Spotplex tracking code on your site, please remove it. You might get an error message if you still have it beyond 5/9.

Too bad, there is nothing much I can do but to rest my case.

It was unfortunate, though, since I have not made any review yet concerning this tool. It is always my routine to test first the corresponding functions of any tool that I get to add on my site before making any recommendations or review. Sad to say so, I will not have that opportunity any longer.

My sincerest condolences to Spotplex for the untimely demise of Most Popular Post widget.



  1. This was a very nice widget indeed. I was upset to see that it was no longer as well. I know there are others out there, like Affiliate Brand, Feedjit and Amanda's widget at Blogger Buster. I use Amanda's now on my blog. If you come across others, Id love to hear about them.

  2. Currently using AideRSS. Tried it as per recommendation of Amanda (Blogger Buster). As an alternative at the moment, I find it useful, but have to verify the rest of its functions still.

    It is worth a try, though, as it tracks comments, links, digg & delicious counts, and uses these information to generate the top stories in a blog.

    Don’t worry, I will immediately inform you once I get hold of any relevant applications.

    Meanwhile, many thanks for droppin’ by and for taking time out commenting.


  3. @ yj2828

    Welcome to Stitches™ and thank you very much for the visit.