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27 December 2007

Free Blogger Template Directory

For those who are new (like me) to blogging and for those who are unhappy with the current design of their site layout, I have compiled a list of reference where you can find various Blogger templates to choose from. This list will help you decide which of the various selections of templates is most appropriate for your blog. It may not represent a complete list of available sites offering free themes but it merits a visit for those who easily get tired hunting for the perfect blog template for Blogger.

Here goes the list…

1. Blogger Template Directory. The blog author has personally tested all the templates provided in this site. The directory has about 29 categories to choose from and offers screenshot preview for each one. According to him, he only selects and presents those blogger templates that he considers to be the best free templates for blogging. You will also find in this page the designers and what are the featured templates plus you can contribute your own design if you happen to be a Blogger template designer.

2. Blogger Templates. This site has a collection of cool templates from the classic HTML format to the modern XML platform. Oh, Yes! You will also find free complimentary widgets for your template from this source.

3. Gecko and Fly. It has a nice list of well designed Blogger templates. Most are designs imported in from Word Press. The designs are primarily for HTML Blogger platform but the site owner entertains contribution from designers using the new XML Blogger format.

4. Suckmylolly. There are about 40 (as of this post) selections available for download. The entries are categorized either by themes or colors. The themes are very lively and interesting than the traditional or generic types. If you don’t find the one you desire, however, you can freely request for a customized theme according to your specifications for a reasonable fee.

5. Free Templates. Some of the cool three and two column templates are accessible on this site. Nyoba, which is one of the most popular templates, has 3 variants as of today.

6. Cool Template. Aside from the many bubbly templates available in the archive, this site also provides various instructions on how to start your own template design.

7. Blogspot Templates. This reference offers different looking templates. If you are into something more thematic, this is very appropriate for you. The templates follow themes like Yoga, Harry Potter, Desperate Housewives, Tour De France, Pink Flowers, Cityscapes taken from various places, and a lot more. You need to have a Photobucket account to host the photos as per recommendation of the author/designer.

8. Jackbook. Has a gallery dedicated primarily for Blogger templates. Some are modified templates from the classic Blogger while the rests are extracted from Word Press and recoded to work for Blogger. The author is very friendly and spends time understanding the problem of those who patronize his work. And, YES!, don't forget to say TGIF because new template day on Jackbook is Friday.

9. Blogger Templates by Caz. For those who are interested on highly graphical and photo art templates, this is the best site for you. Be aware, though, that all the templates here only work with classic Blogger interface.

10. Template Panic. This is another very nice source for three column templates. Some standard two column Blogger templates are converted and made available for three column format.

11. Pannasmontata Templates. Provides a collection of different kinds of blogger templates. All templates are created using notepad for HTML and CSS codes, Photoshop and Expression for graphics. They are tested on Internet Explorer 6/7, Mozilla Firefox 1.x, Safari and Opera and are best optimized with 800 x 600 minimum resolution or higher

12. Noipo. The source features a collection for both text-based and graphical templates enthusiasts.

13. Giselejaquenod. This is the best spot for “girly” and journal oriented templates.

14. Bloggertemplates. You can choose from the 35 template selections available to date. The themes range from technology, office, celebrity, movie, recipe, floral and a lot more.

15. Final Sense. Hosts a collection of high quality templates for Blogger. I strongly recommend that you visit the popular themes category to get a glimpse of what are the most likable across all categories available in the site.

There you have it folks…

I hope you have found the appropriate template for your blog from the list above.

If you know any other link offering free blogger templates, I will be very happy if you can advise me. I may update this list or make a new post for the second version of the directory.

What do you think?

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