18 July 2008

Praises & Reviews for StitcheS™

“An excellently laid out blog with tons of valuable information. Very well written articles and a lot to look at.”
George Tsoukalas, Certified Life Coach and Founder of ithinketh.com (New Jersey, USA)

“A blog that contains tons and tons of information which is very useful to all types of readers. This is basically the description that I have for "StitcheS™: The Blogzine for Everyday People". It contains articles from the personal experience of the author, to some everyday life tips, to informative articles on health, food and much, much more. Well, it is indeed one good blog.”
David Delano D'Angelo, Accountant, Writer and Blog Reviewer (Bulacan, Philippines)

“It is really a good blog. A rare find indeed.”
- Singaporean Entrepreneurs (Singapore)

“Interesting concept and content is good and well written. Enjoyed reading the content and surfing the site was easy.”
- Margaret Stockley, Teacher of TriYoga & Meditation and Co-Author of All Knowledge Is Within (Massachusetts, USA)

“This is a well balanced blog with loads of info. Articles are well written and thought through; they are informative and really get you thinking.”
- George Serradinho, Programmer, Analyst, Webmaster & Owner/Publisher of Serradinho Blog (Johannesburg, South Africa)

“Your writing is very informative and interesting. I think you have a great teaching style and hope many will read and learn.”
A New Chapter for Balsam Ponds (South Carolina, USA)

“Very informative site. Great work! I enjoyed reading your posts.”
All About The Garnaat Family (Delft, The Netherlands)

“I had to bookmark this site being it was so informative. Nice stuff indeed. I am sure you will appreciate.”
CieAura (California, USA)

“His writing is impeccable and his topic of discourse, while they can range from the mundane to the sublime, is never ever boring. He really makes you think twice about what you do, from the really simple everyday things to the more obscure. It is not just facts sharing or diary journaling either. Nor is it just funny or bizarre lists of everything on the web. We definitely have to say that this is the first “thinking man’s blog” that we have encountered so far.”
Blog2U (Manila, Philippines)

“I like this! It is a great on-line mag! I appreciate blogs that have a clear-cut purpose. I like that the "articles" are short and relevant...keep up the good work!”
Insanity & Bliss (USA)

“Very nice site and design and some very interesting articles.”
- Fannox (Romania)

“Very informative magazine, keeps you up to date on everyday issues such as health, lifestyle, finances and dealing with confrontations.”
Catch The Deals Here | A Movie Store (Arizona, USA)

“Nice site. Lots of info to keep you reading. Good work!”
Nicole’s Visions, Artist/ Photographer (Washington, USA)

“Great site covering a variety of subjects that are informative and well written.”
- Soul-Sisters (United Kingdom)

“Very realistic site with many subjects.”
- Stuff Could Always Be Worse (Georgia, USA)

“Great on-line magazine! It covers many great topics.”
- The Breathing Post (Minnesota, USA)



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