Deciding To Argue Effectively

Succeeding is just a bonus. The key to a successful argument lies in our ability to understand that an argument is not a competition, as opposed to what almost all people might believe.

Why Hobbies Are Good for Us?

Hobbies reduce stress, says Alice Domar, director of the Mind/Body Center for Women's Health at Harvard Medical School. They distract you from everyday worries...

Get Fit and Healthy With Fruit Vinegars

If traditionally, fruit vinegars were only considered as food ingredient or as delicate flavor enhancer, these new findings and information suggest that they can also be regarded as potential functional foods.

Can Money Buy You Happiness? | Learn From What Experts Say

The secret to using money to buy happiness is to spend money in ways that support your happiness goals. There are ways to spend money that are likely to help give you enduring happiness.

What Piggy Banking Taught Me?

Teach your kids the importance of money, start with piggy banks then get them a savings account later when they are ready. Let them understand the basics of savings before infusing a more complicated concept.

08 February 2009

Manila Before WW II | A Documentary Video

I do not have the slightest idea on how Manila, the Philippines' premier capital, looked like sometime more than 70 years ago…but I often wonder how.

Written stories, documented history and images were not enough to quench my thirst for the same.

Finally, I chanced upon a “motion picture” that somehow satisfied my curiosity. It acted as a window and showed me the soul I was yearning to visualize.

See it for yourself and be inspired…