27 April 2008

April 23 Is World Book Day

I am 100% clueless that 23 April is globally celebrated as the World Book and Copyright Day until I chanced upon Scott Main’s site while dropping an EntreCard. It is also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Day.

According to the World Book Day website for the UK and Ireland, the celebration, which is nearly two decades, has become firmly established as the biggest annual event promoting the enjoyment of books and reading.

Since I just discovered it now, I wish to share the information to you. Yeah, It is a bit late to blog it but for record purposes sake, now that I know it does exist, I am jotting it down.

You can hop to Wikipedia for details and history of connection between 23 April and books.

I hope my bibliophile and bookworm friends would find this information very useful.

Enjoy and keep on reading…



  1. i love the look of your blog. one question, how did you do that green, big first letter of your posts? i love it very much. it looks very cool. can you teach me how?

  2. Hi Zang,

    I revisited your blog and found out that you are using a different blogging platform. You are using WordPress engine while I am using Blogger. I have no idea if you can easily implement the changes I did in my template, especially for the drop cap, big first letter, as you would call it.

    Anyway, to satisfy your curiosity, here are the tricks:

    On Color: I had to labour the colors manually by changing the appropriate CSS codes in the template. I did change the background color of the navigator’s lower horizontal bar, as well, by modifying the background image color in Photoshop CS2 (FYI this was originally blue, just like the upper bar).

    On Big First Letter (a.k.a. Drop Cap): I posted an article on how I discovered & executed this using, again, CSS snippets. You can read the article Decorated Drop Caps for the full details.

    Thank you so much for swinging by and glad you found my blog layout loveable and cool.