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05 January 2008

New Year, New Template, New Home, & A Whole New Life

Making changes to a blogsite theme is rather challenging and a laborious mission, at least for an unknowledgeable site designer and a neophyte blogger like me. I consider the undertaking very similar to moving towards a new house or completing desirable renovations, where you need to contemplate and plan effectively the objectives or modifications you need to embark on. This will include, for example, color blending, images and widgets that have been perfectly implemented in the previous design. These are just among the few major items you need to keep in mind when deciding to alter your blog theme, whether you want these stuff retained or completely replace them with new ones is going to be a key assessment for you. Believe me, there are a lot more of bits and pieces you need to guard around along the process. You see, the route is rather tricky and tough.

During the period I was researching for ways on how to make the shift painless, I chanced upon an article from Beta Blogger for Dummies appropriately dubbed as Keep Widgets and Change Layout Template. You can decide to follow the instructions here or you can opt to execute the “hard way” as briefly mentioned above, that is if you think the former is fairly complicated to accomplish.

Since it is New Year, I decided to migrate to a new theme in order to give my site a new flavor and taste. I would say that one of the reasons also is because I have posted previously a directory of free blogger templates where one can choose a theme to use in a Blogger blogsite. I just felt I needed to spearhead the recommendations I made and present my site as one of the working examples of the templates available from those I enumerated.

I stumbled upon this gorgeous Minyx template from B-Themes. It is one of the first Web 2.0 layouts for Word Press that caught my attention. As you can see, it is now wonderfully re-crafted and made available for Blogger. Probably you are wondering why this site was not included in the list I gave. Well, based on my parting tone in that post, I would update the list in the event that I would uncover new and interesting sites and once friends & visitors would discover other potential pages providing the same services of which they can recommend or let me know. That is, in fact, what I would do as soon as I have collected “enough” number of references to include in the list. Yes! You need to monitor the regular update, for that matter. For now, it is going to be number one in my additional references.

In other words, New Year, new template, new home, and a whole “new life” for my blogsite!

There you go. I hope you do like the template I am using now for my blogsite.

Happy New Year!