07 October 2007

Cool Rating Widget

Widgets are undeniably great tools for website & blogsite designers. They are found everywhere on the net and are almost always free. But one special feature of these gadgets is that they are completely easy to implement and are mostly or absolutely customizable to meet the designers’ demanding requirements of matching their sites look and feel.

Well, for today’s post I decided to share what I have recently came across with while looking for an additional aggregating device for my blog. The cool & exciting widget is called Spotback.

In Amit Kaufman widget review he explained that this control tool provides the power of content rating and recommendation that once was only available to billion-dollar services such as Amazon. From the widget site, this is what they have to say…

Spotback is a personalized rating system that recommends relevant content based on personal rating history using collaborative filtering and aggregated knowledge technologies. When embedding the Spotback technology onto your website you are providing your users a unique personal online experience. When they rate your content, they will immediately be exposed to more relevant content from your website. This results in longer visit lengths, increase in page views and guaranteed user satisfaction.

When you add the Spotback widget to your website or blogsite and allow users to rate everything you publish, your visitors will enjoy personalized recommendations and referrals to additional content on your site. The widget is free, easy to install and guaranteed to improve your online experience and increase page loads.

Spotback provides three widget types - slider (for ratings), stars (for ratings, but different style) and sidebar (for serving related content). The latter of these three also automatically generates tag clouds. All widgets are very customizable so you can match them to your blog or website very easily.

So, what is my verdict? If you are a blogger or one who maintains a site I suggest that you go and get it.



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