27 October 2007

Famous Sunset at Manila Bay

Map image
One of Manila's most enduring charms is the beautiful and marvelous sunset across Manila Bay. The bay is the best natural harbor in Eastern Asia and one of the finest in the world. The city of Manila is on the eastern shore of the bay, and on the southeast is the city of Cavite. The entrance to Manila Bay is divided by the island of Corregidor into two channels. The sunset, which the bay is famous for, is best viewed along the city’s main Promenade in Roxas Boulevard, across the Rajah Sulayman Park and the historic Malate Church. One could also go to Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex or SM Mall of Asia to enjoy this captivating sundown in a different perspective.

Along with the splendid “old world” ambiance of Malate District, lovers, families, tourists and passers by will surely have a great time appreciating this iconic attraction of Manila. It is for this reason that I normally would recommend to my foreign visitors to spare a piece of their hectic schedules and give the sunset at the bay a moment, for them to experience the invigorating reward it brings. In order for me to convince them, though, that the sunset at the bay is worth a visit, I would try to stir their curiosity by telling them that the sight serves as a very appropriate backdrop to enjoy tranquility at times they need it most. And true enough, none of my guests, so far, has left the place, after having seen the magnificent sunset, with disappointment in their hearts and thoughts.

I had the pleasure of capturing the sunset at the bay in one of my photographic endeavors and I am posting it here for your viewing delight.

I don’t know if you will agree with me, but I do not know anyone who doesn't adore sunsets! ... enjoy this absolutely picturesque sunset only seen here in Manila Bay! ...



  1. I really love "Manila Bay Sunset" - I really miss it, I still remember when we go to Mall of Asia with our foreign colleague and they love the beautiful scenery as well... Just like the song "Manila".... Simply no place like Manila....

  2. Yeah! You are right dude. There simply is no place like home – Manila. Many thanks for dropping by and for taking time out posting your comment. Cheers!

  3. If only they'll clean manila bay.

  4. It Manila's best asset. The Golden Sunset of Manila Bay =)