21 September 2007

Archive Calendar

I have been in pain searching for a perfect calendar widget that works with Blogger. Finally, I chanced upon one that is very slick which suits my taste. Phydeaux3 has created the codes and gave along easy to follow instructions. My calendar has been on since 16 September 2007 and has caused me no single trouble in the implementation, despite my complete ignorance on CSS & JavaScript programming.

In addition, he further created a set of variables (whatever it means)/css so you can use the Blogger Font/Color page to pick and choose your calendar look with the WYSIWYG approach, for idiot-proof personal styling.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to this calendar widget post and see & feel for yourself how straightforward it is to implement the widget.

Meanwhile, I will keep myself tuned at his site to wait for any major development or update on this brilliantly crafted Blogger tool.

Many thanks, phydeaux3, for saving me from my long agony.



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